Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a man who makes one and thinks a hundred! The idea of the sportswear brand Lupi & Strisce was born over 8 years ago. Our A.S. Roma has recently become property of the stars and stripes and the “American dream” authorized us to believe it was possible to achieve any sporting goal. Never as then did America seem so close to us … why not celebrate this union by creating a logo for a sportswear line?
So I found myself scribbling the American stars and stripes on a sheet of paper, I put the colors of Rome on it, I made lots of cubs instead of the stars and I registered the logo in 2012, putting it in a drawer: I thought … I will do something about it when the right moment comes.
During the first months of the pandemic I decided to reopen that drawer: it was time to materialize! In that difficult period little could be done but at the same time we were all learning to travel with the mind…. I thought that time had come.
I started with the creation of T-shirts to give to A.S. Roma friends. A nice way to maintain relationships with my acquaintances as it was impossible to see them physically. In the meantime, A.S. Roma was changing ownership, always remaining American, no longer Bostonian but Texan.
The next step was to contact friends who were experienced in marketing and communication. Together, we began to develop a line of sportswear products dedicated to fans and supporters of A.S. Roma with the Lupi & Strisce brand.
Wearing one of the Lupi & Strisce garments we would be recognized and united, perhaps with a simple hello at the park, at the beach, in Rome as well as in Milan, as well as in New York, to smile again, to pat each other on the back as we leave the stadium after a victory, or to strike up a good discussion at the bar proud of our favorite team.


Lupi & Strisce, a way to get back together.
A story that has just begun.
See you around!

Francesco Supino
Founder of the Lupi & Strisce brand