Did you know that in the United States there are many hearts beating for our colors? According to the official website www.asroma.com, there are 15 A.S. Roma clubs in the States. In Florida we can count even 3, in Texas and California 2 as well as in the city of New York where there is a strong passion for the “Magica”. Boston is well represented as is Philadelphia, where members of the local A.S. Roma club have also created a line of merchandise linked to their association.
Living as a A.S. Roma fan so many kilometers away from the capital is never easy. But this only further strengthens the red and yellow faith. As Massimo Musumeci, president of the A. S. Roma club Philadelphia explains, who wanted to tell the newspaper “Il Romanista” one of the many amusing episodes that saw him as the protagonist as a coach of a youth team: “One of the boys showed up at the pitch wearing the jersey of Juventus, knowing my faith very well. I told him “where are you going?” and I had him hand me over the jersey. In return, I gave him an official A.S. Roma jersey. Best spent $ 80 of my life. I better not tell you what I did with the Juve jersey… ».

The Lupi & Strisce clothing line is also dedicated to the many red and yellow fans, such as Massimo, who live in the United States.