To carry out this original project, the team wanted to involve professionals who embrace the same idea. Together, they have created a line of products that is intended primarily to appeal to the A.S. Roma fan but also to all those who love sport and practical and comfortable clothing.
The Lupi & Strisce clothing line was born in a historical moment when there is a need for aggregation. It was born from the belief that soon the fans of the “Magica” will return to the stadiums to cheer A.S. Roma, to hug each other, to celebrate, to laugh and cry together, perhaps wearing one of the Lupi & Strisce jerseys, sweatshirts and caps, born from that bond between A.S. Roma and the United States, further strengthened by the arrival of the new Texan ownership, it was born from the love for the red and yellow colors, and for the symbol to which the most beautiful years of A.S. Roma history are linked, and for the flag of that great Country called United States of America.