Finally back to the stadium

After the triumphant European championship of the Azzurri (the Italian national team), the 2021/22 Italian soccer season has finally restarted with the red and yellow fans at the stadium. We were looking forward to the A. S. Roma games after a year and a half behind closed doors.

The Olimpic Stadium – despite the still reduced capacity – has always given a splendid glimpse in these first league matches that only A.S. Roma fans can guarantee.

The arrival of José Mourinho has awakened contagious enthusiasm. And we at Lupi & Strisce are happy to welcome it by offering all A. S. Roma fans our collection that you can view on this site.

What better occasion to wear the Lupi & Strisce polo shirt and cap if not during the matches of A. S. Roma at the stadium?

What better occasion – with the arrival of autumn – to wear comfortable sweatshirts, vests and windbreakers – with a youthful and engaging design – at the stadium and in our moments of relaxation with the Lupi & Strisce brand?

The union with the red and yellow fans could not have started better for us. We were sure of it, as Lupi & Strisce is a brand intimately and proudly created by professionals with A.S. Roma in their hearts.

The communication, the social media, the site will contribute in the coming months to further introduce Lupi & Strisce to many fans. But above all it is the Olimpic Stadium that will contribute to increasing the visibility of our brand: seeing your friend wear the Lupi & Strisce jacket or cap while singing a chorus and cheering at a goal of Pellegrini or Abraham will be the best commercial for us and the greatest gratification! Many small gestures and behaviors that will help make Lupi & Strisce an increasingly popular and appreciated brand by the large red and yellow community.

A long and exciting season awaits us and Lupi & Strisce will live it alongside the red and yellow fans, offering an increasingly complete clothing line in the coming months.


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