The passion of the A. S. Roma fan

Lupi & Strisce is a clothing line that is aimed primarily at the A. S. Roma fan.

“There are soccer fans, and then there are A.S. Roma fans,” declared the unforgettable Agostino Di Bartolomei, highlighting the almost anthropological difference between those who love the red and yellow colors and all the other fans

Many years have passed since that declaration that always gives us a shiver on our backs. In the meantime, soccer has changed as have inevitably the people who follow it. Today winning seems to have become an obsession for everyone, the only thing that matters when following a team. There is a club that has even written this concept on the jersey, making it a slogan for the use and consumption of its fans.

All true … but the fact remains that there is, and still resists, a thin line that distinguishes the A .S. Roma fan from the rest of the world: the extreme passion in living any event that concerns his team, for better or for worse. The irrepressible enthusiasm that leaves room for disappointment and cosmic pessimism. This is the characteristic that continues to make the A.S. Roma fan unique and that definitely belongs to his DNA! The excessively exalted victory that gives way to total despair after a defeat, even an undeserved one. Not much poise, of course, but also an innate energy in being able to put aside any disappointment as soon as a small glimpse of light is shun from the darkness. It has also happened recently, if we think about it … How long did the disappointment last for the heavy defeat in the first leg of the semifinal of the Europa League? The span of a few days, swept away by the announcement of the arrival of José Mourinho. And it doesn’t really matter that after that defeat the elimination from the tournament came, with the Special One we will surely turn the page and we will start dreaming again …

Passionality, for the A. S. Roma fan, also means a sense of belonging. What prompted Lupi & Strisce to undertake a project that could only come to life within this wonderful red and yellow community. With the hope of being able to become a small-big point of reference for the many lovers of the “Magica”.

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